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Posted by:  2:37 PM CST

The International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, GA is scheduled for August 22nd – 25th of this year.  If you are going to be in attendance at the IWF 2018 you can find the Centric booth located on the first level of Building B exhibition hall; Booth #7429.

Wednesday 11 July 2018
Posted by:  4:45 PM CST

The cost of new tooling can be overwhelming. That is why Centric Inc. is pleased to offer this great deal on the Kanefusa Enshin planer heads:

  • For a Limited Time when you buy 24ea HS-HP steel or 24ea Carbide Kanefusa Enshin knives you get the Enshin planning head for only $200.00!!

Posted by:  8:19 AM CST

Choosing the right profile grinding wheel is dependent on material, machinery, and personal preference. Centric Inc. has a wide selection of 20 grinding wheels in stock; to fit Weinig, Diehl, Foley, Jeffers, Nielson, Wadkin, and Schneesberger profile grinders. We are confident that we have a profile grinding wheel that will fit your specific needs. Whether you are deep cutting and heavy stock removal or just putting a finish on a knife Centric Inc. stocks a profile grinding wheel for you!    

Tuesday 22 May 2018
Posted by:  3:50 PM CST

ETP sleeves are a great and economical option paralleled to the Weinig HSK hydro loc moulder heads. An ETP sleeve can give you a comparable tolerance to an HSK head while utilizing a straight bore head.

ETP Hydro-Grip locking sleeves are custom manufactured to fit any machine or project. For this post we will be focusing on the industrial woodworking applications and models. The most common types of ETP hydro-grip sleeve used in the woodworking industry are; type A, type B, type G2, type G3, type GE2, type AI, type BI, and type D. ETP hydro-grip sleeves can be used in any moulder, from a 100 year old Mattison to a brand new Leadermac moulder from Centric Inc. ETP sleeves are custom made to match any moulder or CNC machine.

Tuesday 3 April 2018
Posted by:  4:57 PM CST

Carbide tipped knives can be very useful when cutting difficult wood, man-made, or glued material(s). The carbide inlay of the knife allows operators to keep quality runs on difficult materials while getting longer life and better impact resistance from Centric Inc. brand carbide tip knives.