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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Bandsaw Blades
Bandsaw, Resaw, Lenox, Woodmaster, Bi-Metal, Carbon, Carbide Tipped

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Bandsaw Blades

Band saws can be found in hobby shops all the way to industrial manufacturing and large millworks. LENOX® band saws are an effective and versatile tool found in the woodworking industry. LENOX® Woodmaster® band saws available at Centric Inc. and are a reliable option for any band saw application. Commonly band saws are used for resawing. Resawing refers to the cutting of lumber along the grain to make larger sections of timber into smaller sections to be used in specific manufacturing projects. Whatever your application may be Centric Inc. has a LENOX® saw blade for you!

LENOX® Woodmaster® C is a one piece carbon steel band saw with hardened tooth tips. The Woodmaster® C has increased beam strength for higher feed rates, making it an ideal band saw for any arduous resaw cutting. The Woodmaster® CT is a precision ground carbide tooth tipped blade perfect for exotic or difficult to machine wood. The Woodmaster® CT is an ideal band saw for cutting moulding, hardwood flooring, wood paneling, and siding. The Woodmaster® B is a fan favorite for Centric Inc. customers. The Woodmaster® B is a bi-metal blade constructed with cobalt rich high-speed steel to increase heat and wear resistance. The combination of cobalt rich steel and durable spring steel backing gives the Woodmaster® B faster cutting capabilities with a longer fatigue life, making the LENOX® Woodmaster® B an ideal resaw band. When resawing lumber it is important to use a thin kerf blade to reduce waste. A common industry kerf for resaw bands is .085”. To save our customers time, money, and material Centric Inc. partnered with LENOX® and developed a Woodmaster®B resaw band with a .070” kerf that will maximize material, minimize waste, and optimize blade performance.

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