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Abrasives Belts & Disks

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Centric offers a wide variety of abrasive products.

Wide Belt Sanders

Aluminum oxide premium cloth sanding belts have longer life & finer finish than standard belts Zirconia belts are perfect for heavy stock removal washable & antistatic

Custom sizes & grits available

**Free freight on wide belt orders $800 or more

Catalog sizes & grits:
25"x48"36 grit
25"x60"60 grit
37"x60"80 grit
54"x85"call for quote on other sizes & grits

Premium Sanding Belts

Aluminum oxide premium cloth sanding belts have longer life & finer finish than standard belts Used for edge sanders, belt sanders, etc.

Custom sizes & grits available

Catalog sizes & grits:
3"x21"24 grit
3"x24"36 grit
4"x24"40 grit
4"x36"50 grit
6"x48"60 grit
6"x72"80 grit

Sanding Belts for Pump Sleeves

Fits pnuematic drum sanders Made with premium aluminum oxide cloth belts from improved finish and wear properties We also carry canvas jackets for 8" x 9" pump sleeves and rubber tires for 8" x 9" pump sleeves

Catalog sizes & grits:
3"x9"60 grit
4"x9"80 grit

Sanding Belt Cleaning Sticks

Quick and easy way to clean material off of sanding belt.

8" x 1.5" x 1.5" or 12" x 2" x 2"

Graphite Pads

Graphite pads are used to reduce friction on sander platens. Can be used for both wide belt & narrow belt sanders. We sell graphite rolls in 10 yd lengths.

Catalog sizes & grits:
4" x 10 yd (#303)
4.5" x 10 yd (#303)
6" x 10 yd (HD)
6" x 10 yd (#303)
7" x 10 yd (#303)
8" x 10 yd (#303)

Felt for Sander Platen (12" x 60")

Felt is added to sander platen to help evenly distribute pressure on workpiece Increases the life of the belt. Apply felt to platen using adhesive spray can.

Choose thickness depending on application (stifness increases with thinner felt)

1/8" felt
3/16" felt
1/4" felt

6" x 9" Fibril Hand Pads

Made by 3M. Also known as Scotch Brite pads

Sold by the case (60pcs/case)

Four textures available:

  • Ultra Fine (gray)
  • General Purpose (green)
  • Very Fine (maroon)
  • Coarse (Brown)

Soft Sanding Blocks

Perfect solution when application requires a very fine grit (180 grit)
Flexible foam with adhesive face
Easy to handle - operator friendly
Square shape helps get into corners

Available in 1" thickness or 1/2" thickness
120mm x 98mm x 13mm
98mm x 69mm x 26mm

Abrasive Loadings for Wolfhead™

Abrasive strips are held together with a cloth loop and wound around a pin at the wheel center.

4" wide x 19 ¾" SIC cloth
6" wide x 19 ¾" SIC cloth
4" wide x 24" SIC cloth

Rhyno® Adhesive Sanding Disks

Peel and stick design fits either 5" or 6" orbital sanders/palm sanders

Choose from no-hole, 5-hole, or 8-hole

Catalog grits:
36 grit & 40 grit (50 pcs/box)
60 grit (100 pcs/box)
80 grit (100 pcs/box)
100 to 600 grit (100 pcs/box)

Rhyno® Hook & Loop Sanding Disks

For 5" diameter sanders
Easy to pull on/off
Sold by the box (50 pcs/box)
Catalog grits:
36 grit
40 grit
60 grit
80 grit
100 grit
120 to 600 grit

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